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Han-Win Tech Corp unveiled the “INNO-SAFETYTM technologies for eBike battery packs. It involves Han-Win Tech outstanding patented technologies such as “Soft Start”, “External loop short circuit detection and protection”, which dramatically inhibit inrush current while the power of the battery pack is turned on. As known to all, inrush current is generally more than 150A and would damage the inner material of cells thus might cause short circuit inside the battery pack and even damage the components on BMS board (i.e MOSFETs). Aside from usage safety, INNO-SAFETYTM also help on very low power consumption. Under the shutdown mode, the pack only consume less than 3uA, which mush lower than cell self-discharge current.

1.      Enhanced Safety Performance

  •  Multi-Stage Soft-Start Function: When powering on, this function eliminates the huge Inrush Current (normal more than 150A) and prevents the safety and life cycle hazards to the battery pack and system components by the Inrush Current.
  • System-Loop Circuit Safety Detection Function: At startup, this circuit detects the external circuit of the battery pack to motor controller. If it detects the external circuit is short circuit or abnormal, it prohibits battery power output. Thus, it protects not only the battery itself but also the external system components.

2.      Enhanced Power Saving, Usage Time and Life Cycle

  •  Ultra-Low Power Design: The special system power structure supports the intelligent system enters the ultra-low power mode (shutdown) automatically under no usage. The power consumption of shutdown mode is <3μA.
  • Patented USB Charging Port: Meet the variety of mobile products charging requirements, and shutdown automatically in the absence of USB device inserted. It prevents the power loss from USB itself.
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