We provide customers reliable and safe BMS boards to secure their battery or power system and, we also engage the battery packs with e-bike suppliers such as motor providers、 . Also we can customize based on customers' demand.

Key Strengthness

Our Core Competences

To provide the most reliable and safe battery pack to our customers, we show our core competence on every deliverable:

Configurable Platform/BMS Design
      • Support 2S~20S or higher series Lithium packs
      • Suitable for different real applications such as E-Bike, ESS, Solar road lamp, Jump start.. etc.
Electronics Development
      • Familiar with TI, O2 and other solutions
      • High voltage and high current rating design
      • Variety protection features
      • Voice notification
      • Very low power consumption scheme
Mechanical Development
      • Nickle plate design
      • Inner structure design for pack
      • Thermal management
      • Anti-Shock and anti-vibration solutions
Software Development
      • BMS firmware development
      • CANBus, RS232, RS485 communication protocols
      • PC utilities to BMS development
      • Accurate SOC (state of charge) algorithmsFamiliar with TI, O2 and other solutions

Customized Pack Design

To provide the most reliable and safe battery pack to our customers, we show our core competence on every deliverable:
      • Optimize pack inner impedance
 We design very well contact nickle plates and wires which are suitable for the demand current rating; good contact can lower the impedance of whole pack hence increase pack efficiency and its cycle life. 
      • Prolong battery pack
Proper protection design in our BMS can increase cycle life of a battery and, prevent misuse from damaging battery packs; that will also reduce customers' usage cost.
      • Calculation of battery capacity 
Many users always want to know how much the rest capacity of battery is currently, inaccurate capacity among will confuse users and increase the risks of misuse. We have the accurate algorithm to calculate the capacity according to specific cell type which can show customers a precise capacity value.
      • Structural design of pack 
We have professional and knowable skill on inner structure design for the pack; waterproof、impact、shuck、vibration、duration etc are those we can promise customer a safe and reliable battery pack.
      • Thermal Management
Every pack we provided has a well solution on heat dispassion. We will study on material、flow simulation、thermal conduction to integrate an optimized thermal solution into each pack. With good thermal management the cycle life of battery pack would be longer.