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Han-Win Tech has been authorized by ISO-9001 certification since Oct/2016


Founded in 2015 and based on Taipei, Taiwan. Our goal is to be a market leader in the industry of battery management system. At the heart of Han-Win Technology is an excellent in-depth knowledge and understanding of battery management system of Li-Ion batteries and a constant drive for innovation. 
With a strong management and technical staffs as well as professional manufacturing team from our co-founder, we provide engineering innovation to our customers with high-quality products, meeting customer requirements and on time delivery. 

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Every our BMS board designed as a development platform features a configurable hardware topology which enables very flexible battery designs for various different applications or system integration, such as in Jump Start Battery, Light Electric Vehicle, Electric Vehicle, Energy Storage System. The MCU controls the AFEs (Analog Front End), which measure cell voltages and cell temperatures. An additional communication board, which communicates between target and BMS.